What is Mythicard?

Mythicard is an auto-battler, a competitive strategy game where players battle online against five other opponents with the goal to be the last one standing by having the strongest army of cards.
Image showing the field where cards are played
The battlefield consist of an arena that can hold a maximum of eight cards.
Image showing the buttons that players interact with
Each round players are given the opportunity to purchase, save and sell cards, level up and rearrange their card's attack order.
Image showing the announcement of the battle
After all players are ready or the time runs out, the battle starts, and players are matched on 1v1 combat against one of its opponents set of cards.
Image showing the win battle screen
The battle unfolds automatically, the mythical cards attack and use their powers until one player has no cards remaining, at which point the player that loses is damaged based on the level of the remaining cards in the arena.

Kind Affinities

Image showing Affinities Bar
Every time you play a card you will see this bar changing colors, indicating the card Kinds that you have played, this is the Affinity Bar.
Image showing the affinity screen
If you win the game (1st or 2nd place) you will get Affinity points based on the Kinds that you played, those Affinity Points can be used in the menu to get skills that will shape your style of playing.
You can combine these skills as you want (up to a maximun of 3) and after you own them, you can enable and disable them any time between games at no cost.